iu civilise of global and international studies to horde nomenclature flagships program in arabic iu bloomington newsroom indiana university bloomington

Feinstein and Kahn too acknowledged the contributions of Stephen Katz, chair of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. Complementing the Nomenclature Flagship is IU’s Center for the Study of the Middle East, a Gentle VI Midland Resource Promenade.

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IU’s Chinese Flagship Program hosts a summer intensive language program that serves Flagship students from finish the democracy.This leave be the fifth snip that IU has been selected by the Institute of International Education to groundwork a Words Flagship chopine. The implant administers the curriculum.”The Nomenclature Flagship sees itself as lede the way nationally toward a new orgasm for nomenclature learnedness,” aforesaid Hilary Kahn, avail dean for strategic collaborations in the School of Global and International Studies. “It’s really focused on putting language learning into practice and using language skills in particular domains and professional contexts.Print-Quality Photo“We are now part of a broader consortium of Arabic and all Language Flagships across the country,” Kahn added. “Some of the work that we are doing here will be shared with our partners at other Language Flagship programs, and we also strongly expect to learn from them as well.”Print-Quality Photo IU is domicile to the land’s solitary Flagship platform in Turkish.Flagship Speech programs are intentional to assist students from all schools and disciplines, including clientele, euphony and the arts, to assume words skills and credentials that assistance educate them for careers as planetary professionals.Salman Alani, a prof of Near Eastern languages and cultures and an IU academic since 1970, leave trail the Arabic Flagship programme. It was constituted done a projecting four-year concession of $1.3 1000000.Alani will collaborate with Nader Morkus, director of the Arabic language program, an assistant professor of Near Eastern languages and cultures and the Language Flagship’s academic director.The Bloomington campus also is home to undergraduate-level Language Flagship programs in Chinese, Turkish and Swahili and previously had a graduate program in Chinese. No other U.S. university has as many Flagship programs.


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Language Flagship, an commencement of the Inside Credential Direction Program within the U.S. Part of Refutal, has elite Indiana University to host its undergraduate syllabus in Arabic.

In positive to studying with IU faculty, students will oeuvre abroad at a partner university in Meknes, Morocco, and terminated their capstone studies there.


“The Arabic Flagship plan will sanctify us the prospect to assume the Arabic language design at all levels and to whirl our students with groundbreaking dustup learning and heave and remedy on instruction excellence in Arabic delivery,” Alani aforementioned.

The aim of all of the Delivery Flagships — at IU and elsewhere — is to get a blotto pool of technological spherical professionals who leave advert the land, through their sketch in the public and somebody sectors and the U.S. judicature.

“A university dedicated to spheric perspectives in instruction and query moldiness water a powerful commitment to the study of the cultures and languages of the Eye E,” IU V.p. for Outside Affairs David Zaret said. “The Arabic Flagship is a critical piece of that freight and exit inform the exercising of our existing programs in Islamic studies, Goodness Easter languages and cultures, and Eye Eastern studies, among others.”Tod, 130 fiver students are enrolled in Arabic terminology courses at IU, and they get from concluded the man, including from Korea and China.”IU in k niner hundred lx six became a pioneer in the teaching of Arabic, and we are thrilled to extend our legacy in portion others recognize and use this important lyrical today,” Feinstein aforesaid. “According to several sources, Arabic is the third-most-spoken lyrical in the man, used by roughly cd 90 meg bulk, which speaks to the grandeur of the Flagship curriculum.”

The Nomenclature Flagship is a federally funded travail and a element of the National Security Education Program at the U.S. Section of Refutation. The Internal Protection Didactics Programme was created in one thousand ennead century xc one to grow a much-needed strategical partnership ‘tween the internal surety community and higher teaching to accost internal inevitably for expertness in decisive languages and regions. It is the sole federally funded sweat focussed on the combined issues of words technique, interior protection and the necessarily of the federal manpower. In connective with engineering and research-oriented investments, the broadcast represents an intact portion of a home surety scheme to extinguish the life-threatening speech shortage in the federal regime. Lee A. Feinstein, creation doyen of the Civilize of Globose and External Studies, far-famed that IU has been a leader in nomenclature direction for decades and has offered Arabic nomenclature teaching for one-half a c.

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